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an article about barbecues is shown in this image
25 Conversation questions about barbecues
An interesting discussion worksheet about barbecues with 6 pictures to describe. Use this speaking activity to find out what people think about BBQs and what they do at them.
an article about storm pictures with the caption'what is it like? '
25 Conversation questions about storms
A free PDF and list of questions about storms for English discussion activities. Find out students, friends, and family feel about this kind of weather.
a poster with pictures of people and dogs in the background that says, siblings
25 Conversation questions about siblings
A free PDF with discussion questions about brothers and sisters for English conversation activities.
an advertisement for the first additional questions 2
First conditional conversation questions
50 free printable conversation questions that use the first conditional tense. These are great speaking practice for both ESL students and general English learners!
an advertisement for the first additional questions
50 First conditional conversation questions
Use the 2 free PDF pages of first conditional questions for discussion and practice speaking about things that will happen in the future if certain conditions are met.
the back cover of a book with pictures of people and text on it that says, past perfect questions
25 Past perfect questions
A free PDF and list of English conversation questions that use the past perfect tense. These are great for ESL and other English learners to practice this area of grammar.
the road is shown with many different pictures
25 Fun questions about roads
A free printable PDF with interesting English conversation questions on the topic of roads. This worksheet can be used in an language learning environment or for discussion amongst friends.
a poster with pictures of animals and snow
25 conversation questions about snow
A list and free printable PDF with English conversation questions about snow. You can discuss these with ESL learners or find out what friends and family think about snow.
an article about trading in the forex market, with images of people and money
25 Conversation questions about trade
A free printable PDF discussion worksheet about trade. These are simple questions that can be used to talk about an advanced topic.
a poster with pictures of people and animals in the water, including an image of a boat
25 Conversation questions about migration
A free printable PDF with discussion questions about migration and immigration. This is an interesting advanced English conversation topic.
an image of australia with pictures on it
25 Conversation questions about Australia
A list and free PDF discussion worksheet about Australia for English conversation. What do people you know think about the land down under?
an advertisement for bread with pictures of different foods
25 Conversation questions about bread
A list and free PDF of conversation questions about bread, one of people's main food staples. Find out what people think about bread and how they like to eat it!
an article about motorcycles is shown here
25 Conversation questions about motorcycles
A free PDF of discussion questions about motorcycles for English conversation. Find out how people feel about motorbikes!
a poster with an image of a man standing on top of a cliff in the mountains
2 Free hiking conversation worksheets
Free printable PDF worksheets with questions about hiking for English discussion. There is a beginners worksheet and a more advanced one.
an article about asia with pictures and text
25 Conversation questions about Asia
Asia is the largest and most populous continent on the planet. This huge part of Earth has all kinds of geographical landscapes and interesting cultures. It is an amazing place….ask and see what other folks feel about it!