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frog idioms and expressions on a green leaf with water lilies in the background
18 Interesting frog idioms and expressions
A list of frog expressions in the English language with meanings and example sentences. How many of these frog phrases do you know?
an image of the moon and trees with words above it that reads, moon idoms and expressions
28 Fun moon idioms and expressions
A list of interesting mood idioms and expressions in the English language. There are also meanings and example sentences provided for these phrases.
busier than expressions Funny, The English, English Language
64 Funny busier than expressions
A list of interesting busier than expression in the English language.
expressions about water Water, Proverbs, Interesting Expressions, About Water, English Idioms, The Well, Meant To Be
48 Expressions about water
A list of interesting expressions about water in the English language with meanings and example sentences. The list contains idioms, slang, proverbs, and other sayings.
expressions about owls Owls, Animal Books, Books, Owl Sounds
11 Interesting expressions about owls
A list of fun idioms and expresions about owls in the English language. The sayings have explanations and an example sentences.
colder than expressions Cold Weather Jokes Hilarious, Cold Weather Funny Humour, Funny Cold Weather Quotes Humor, Brrrrr Quotes Its Cold, Cold Weather Memes Humor, Stay Warm Quotes Funny, So Cold Humor, Cold Outside Humor, Stay Warm Quotes Cold Weather
32 Colder than expressions
32 Funny ways to say that something is very cold in the English language. Check them out and make your friends laugh next time you yalk about cold weather!
salt idioms History, Vaulting, Grain, Salt
19 tasty salt idioms
A list of salt idioms in the English language. There are meanings, example sentences, and some history of these salt expressions.
pennies on the dollar idiom Penny, Look At, Money
Pennies on the dollar meaning
A description of the English idiom "pennies on the dollar" with its meanings and examples.
faster than expressions Writers, English Teachers, Words Matter, English Teacher, Matter
21 amusing faster than expressions - ESL Vault
An interesting list of faster than expressins and idioms for English teachers, learners, and writers.
beating around the bush idiom The Bush, The Meaning, The Originals
Beating around the bush meaning and origin - ESL Vault
The meaning, usage, origins, history, and synonyms of the fascinating English idiom - Beating around the bush.
horse idioms Horses, Funny Pictures, Idioms With Meanings, Funny Horse
48 entertaining horse idioms
A list of Interesting Enlish idioms and expressions related to horses. There are aso some funny pictures to represent som of the phrases
wood idioms Wood, Funny Idioms, Out Of The Woods
31 interesting wood idioms
A list of fun wood idioms in the English language for ESL learners and teachers to share with their students. Each idiom has its definition and example sentences.
idioms Starfish, Surrealism, Surrealism Eye, Esl Teaching Resources, Esl Teaching, Teaching Resources, Sign Up
Keep your eye on the ball - ESL Vault
An explanation of the English idiom - keep you eye on the ball. There are also example sentences, theories on the idiom's origin, and related idioms.
fruit idioms Guava Fruit, Black Color Hairstyles, Color Hairstyles, Learn English, Cool Words
55 interesting fruit idioms - ESL Vault
A big list of English idioms about fruit with definitions and example sentences.
reptile idioms Writing, Reptiles, General English, English Expressions
17 curious reptile idioms - ESL Vault
A list of English reptile idioms with example sentences.