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four different pictures with the words blends words cll and clam in them
L blends words
Free resources for teaching L blends words to English language learners. There are PDF word lists and picture flashcards that you can print out and take to class, all 100% free with no sign up required.!
four different pictures with the words initial words 3, 4, 5, and 6
Initial H words
32 Free printable initial H words flashcards for English language learning activities. There is also a PDF list of words that begin with the letter H.
the words in this printable worksheet are for kids to learn how to read them
Initial H words
A free printable word list and flashcards with intial H words. Use these resources to teach spelling, pronunciation, and new vocabulary of word that start with H.
the words that are used to describe blends
L blends words
100% free L blends words flashcards and word lists. You can use these consonant blends to help teach pronunciation, spelling, and new vocabulary.
four pictures with words describing different types of animals
Free L blends picture cards
100% free PDF pages of L blends flashcards along with 2 printable word lists. These are great to teach pronunciation, spelling, and new vocabulary to all English learners.
four different pictures with the words blends words pll and plane, planet, plate, plum
Free L blends picture cards
48 Free L blends pictures cards in PDF form. These are great for teaching English language and pronunciation. There are cards for the blends of BL, CL, FL, GL, PL, and SL.
the words that describe blends in different languages
L Blends Words
Free printable L blends word lists and picture cards for English teachers and learners. These resources come as PDF files and there is no sign up required.
a page from the book,'n tongue twisters'with an image of a fish
Tongue twisters with N
A list and free printable PDF page with English tongue twisters that use the letter N. How quickly can you read these silly sentences without making a mistake?
the instructions for how to use an animal's bucket
Tongue twisters with K
A list of 31 interesting tongue twisters with K in the English language. There is also a free printable PDF you can download.
there are many different pictures with words in the same language as animals and birds on them
Silent H words
Free printable silent H words flashcards, a word list, and more! Help students learn these peculiar words where H is not pronounced with these free teaching resources.
four pictures with different animals and words in them
Initial R words
Free Printable PDF flashcards of initial R words along with a word list and practice sentences.
the four words that describe silentt h words are shown in black and white, with one
Silent H words
Free resources for teaching and learning words with a silent H. There is a printable word list, flashcards, practice sentences, and meanings of uncommon words.
four different pictures with the words silent words in each one's upper and lowercase letters
Silent T words
Free printable PDF pages with silent T words flashcards. There is also a word list you can download along with some practice sentences and uncommon word meanings.
two words that say silentt words and one has an image of the same word
Silent T words list
Free silent T words lists, printable flashcards, and practice sentences The are also some meanings of uncommon words with a silent T.