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a sculpture of a man standing on top of a wooden block with his arms in the air
imnotwordy - Get Inspired.
a wooden sculpture with a hood on it
myampgoesto11: Paul Kaptien "Untitled" Mandorla Art Award 2014... (2headedsnake)
myampgoesto11: Paul Kaptien "Untitled" Mandorla Art Award 2014...
a carved human skull sitting on top of a table
Nothing found for Impressive Wooden Sculptures By Paul Kaptein
Impressive Wooden Sculptures by Paul Kaptein
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a white table next to a gray wall and floor
Paul Kaptein
three different types of trees in gold and silver
Australian artist Fiona Hall
a vase with silver flowers in it hanging on a wall
Artist Fiona Hall
Fiona Hall
a gold vase with flowers in it on a black background
Fiona Hall. Nelumbo nucifera; nelum (Sinhala); thamareri (Tamil); lotus, 1999 Aluminium & steel
a metal vase with flowers and a horse in it
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Beautiful sculpture by Fiona Hall
Del Kathryn Barton Australian Artist Painting 001 Graffiti, Psychedelic Art, Illustrators, 2d, Egon Schiele, Artist Painting, Figurative Art
Del Kathryn Barton: Life Blood
Del Kathryn Barton Australian Artist Painting 001
a drawing of a woman with feathers on her head
Del Kathryn Barton: satellite fade-out, 2011
Del Kathryn Barton....another great Australian Artist. I love her work...
a sculpture made out of different colored lines on a white surface with one foot in the air
Pencil sculpture by Lionel Bawden
a pink and white table cloth on top of a white shelf next to a wall
This took me a few seconds to see what it actually is - from Australian artist Lionel Bawden.
an artistic display in front of a building with red and yellow lights on the ground
Kinetic public art sculptures by Konstantin Dimopoulos.
blue flowers and trees in front of a road
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blue trees project - houston, by konstantin dimopoulos
the sun is shining behind two tall red metal sculptures in an open field with grass and trees
Red Ridge | Konstantin Dimopoulos | Sculptures, Installations, Mixed Media
Konstantin Dimopoulos, Red Ridge