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an image of a close up view of the inside of a metal object that is black and white
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Parsons Steam Turbine
a large metal object inside of a building
Nachhaltige Energiesysteme
Now this is something else! Was für ein Gerät: die Siemens Colossus - der Name sagt alles!
the inside of a machine that is being worked on
Gas Turbine
black and white photograph of the eiffel tower
filigree and shadow
Paris, Eiffel Tower, by Rhett Redelings - the immensity of this structure really impressed me - seemed bigger than the Empire State Building.
the underside of a bridge with metal beams
souhailbog:Urban Bridge By Simon Alexander| More
an aerial view of multiple metal structures in a building with no people or vehicles on it
The Matrix
The Matrix by Romany WG, via Flickr
black and white photograph of the inside of a building with metal structures on it's sides
T H E _ C O L L E C T O R
an abstract black and white photo with lines
Fabio Keiner
a black and white photo of a round structure with many lines on the wall behind it
Alexander H. Schulz | Flickr
an empty room with bars on the walls and lights hanging from the ceiling above it
La nuit blanche
Claude Lévèque - Le Grand Soir, 2009
the stairs are made of concrete and steel
Gallery of Dinamarca 399 / Joaquín Velasco Rubio - 29
Dinamarca 399 / Joaquín Velasco Rubio
an abstract black wall with lots of shelves
Duggan Morris Architects
a f a s i a: Duggan Morris Architects
an empty room with some stairs in it
The Vintaquarian
I love the stairs and the cool elevator next to it. I think more (multi level) houses should have elevators or at least a dumbwaiter. Lots of people can't manage stairs.
an empty room with a chair and mirror