Lamb Veggie & Quinoa Mash - One Handed Cooks

lamb, veggie and quinoa mash. mix up the vegetables used depending what's in season. You can also try it with cous cous, risoni or rice.

Sweet Potato, Carrot & Apple Spelt (or Wholemeal) Muffins - One Handed Cooks

Sweet potato, carrot and apple to mind and they turned out beautifully. Of course a tad smaller than the cafe variety but that was partly …

Lentil & Red Veggie Puree - One Handed Cooks

Lentil and red veggie puree This recipe was featured in the One Handed…

Banana Avocado Smash - One Handed Cooks

BANANA AVOCADO SMASH: Banana and avocado work really well together and is a simple combination that can be made instantly from fresh produce.