Customised Greenery

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there is a planter with plants in it on the table at an office building
WSU Greenery Fitout
A green contemporary oasis at Western Sydney University Read more about the installation here
the plants are hanging from the ceiling above the bar
Western Sydney University Ceiling Greenery Fitout
an office with yellow chairs and green plants hanging from the ceiling above it is a large conference room
Ceiling Greenery at University
a long table with many chairs and plants on it in an office building or conference room
Planter Box at University
a large green sign that reads the garden on it's side in front of some plants
Garden Bed at University
an outdoor dining table and chairs next to a swimming pool with plants on the side
Outdoor Alfresco Area
there is a plant with orange flowers in it
Bird Of Paradise
an indoor dining area with green plants hanging from the ceiling and chairs in front of it
Cascading Ferns on Trellis
a green wall with lots of leaves and plants
Evergreen Walls Urban Vertical Garden
the plant is growing on the wall next to the stairs
Hanging Vines & Garden Bed
the words build your own custom green wall
Design your own custom green wall
an indoor living wall with green plants and rocks in the floor, as well as glass doors
Lightwell Green Wall