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Name:GoldenSun Gender:Male Moons Clan:WindClan Personality:GoldenSun is very bright and perky. He is very popular in the Clan Mate:No Kits:No Crush:No

Goodbye my sweet Spottedleaf by on @DeviantArt

My favorite character death Spottedleaf and Firepaw belong to Erin Hunter illustration belong me Goodbye my sweet Spottedleaf

Firestar by on @deviantART

this is a picture of thunder clans leader Firestar from the Warriors series witch ROCKS Firestar

Does Starclan see Us? (speedpaint) by on @DeviantArt

"The only thing that can hurt me. Is being apart from you." - Oakheart to When I was a young teen/Preteen, t. Does Starclan see Us?

Original warriors

I'm in the process of drawing the main characters of WARRIORS: Into the Wild, but there were too many so I split them up into old characters and yo. WARRIORS: into the wild young