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Capture Creatures -Cubcube [19 of 151]

Capture Creatures -Cubcube of

Capture Creatures - Frozecc [29 of 151]

Frozecc, an evolution of Foxecc, leaves its desert birthplace, trekking up into the surrounding mountains. As it consumes glacial waters from springs, it begins to adapt to freezing temperatures.

Capture Creatures - Foxecc [27 of 151]

Foxecc illustration from "Capture Creatures" project.

Zapatiel [36 of 151]

Zapatiel [36 of 151]

Cramster [40 of 151]

Cramster may appear to be a rather hungry fellow, but his cheek pouches are not full of food! Cramsters mostly chews on rocks to hone the flat, clamping teeth they use to dig tunnels through tree.

Cygnical [51 of 151]

Cygnical has defied evolution since prehistoric times. When in deep concentration, its psychic energy can interfere with the visual perception of surrounding creatures and humans, rendering itself.

Momophyl [53 of 151] - Capture Creatures

Momophyl of - Capture Creatures