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So it looks like Sealand and Britain had an argument... ((Flipping finally) compiled this thing into one~Georgi42)

(So it looks like Sealand and Britain had an argument. ((Flipping finally) compiled this thing into - the last two lines killed me << he's still bitter.

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Okay i dont believe in this stuff but for the sake of the Happy Flannel Man of Fortune.

England & Scotland

APH Scotland and APH England, Kirkland brothers. Scott Kirkland and Arthur Kirkland<<<< Arthur is just like "Scotland what the bloody hell are you doin- *last position* get off me.

Young Fruk

Young Fruk<<<i'm really that France often took care of England when he was little because he had a really shitty and lonely childhood :( and now he has so many issues but at least, there's France with whom he can sometimes depend on.

Angel's Heart [-★-The Rules of Alchemy-★-] Series Preview

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