Mens and Ladies 1920s Accessories: Gloves, Watches, Glasses ... photo

1920s Accessories: Gloves, Watches, Glasses, Canes, Cigarette Holders

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Downton Abbey Men's Costume Guide to the 1920's

Mens hats from the were very big. They often had a strap on them made of silk, velvet, or cloth to give them an extra pop.

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Mens suits became shorter and more narrow and also they started to wear trench coats a little later on in the They were also clean shaven with short hair.

The Suit: 1920s Mens Fashion History

1920s Men's Suit History- British VS American Style

(Madison Register) (Picture Spring/Summer Catalog, National Cloak & Suit Co.) Mens suits during this time period were more fitted through out, mostly due to limited fabric availability from the war.

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1920s Men's Hat History

This look like nick's nice clothes, the regular tie just gives that look and the matching vest and pants.

How to Dress Like The Great Gatsby Men

Men's Fashion: The suit as we know it today was created in the 1920's. Description from I searched for this on

Men's Fashion: The suit as we know it today was created in the It was a more conservative look. The suits were often custom made by tailors.

1920 reporters | 1920s Mens Fashion History Gets Colorful photo

1920s Men's Fashion History Gets Colorful

Group portrait of four members of the White House News Photographers' Association, standing, facing front, holding cameras, circa

1920's Fashion for Men: A Complete Suit Guide - Updated!

1920s Fashion for Men: Suits, Hats, Shoes