Old Fashioned Straw Dispenser $19.99

Soda Fountain Glass Straw Dispenser

Old Fashioned Straw Dispenser . YUP made it happen and now have one in my kitchen with brightly coloured neon straws!

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Last week we had fun looking at American diners with a feel (see “Editor’s Journal: The Allure of Old-Fashioned Diners“).

fifties garages | bring the look of an old fashioned diner into your home

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Retro Corner Diner Booth Sets | Retro Furniture |

3/4 Circle V-Back Diner Booth Set Designer

The Retro Corner Diner Booth Set creates an intimate dining setting. Perfect to add classic diner style to your home, office lunchroom or restaurant.

1950 diner decor | HD Diner in Opéra, France: 50s retro decor by BarsandBooths.com

1950 diner decor - I can just imagine Billy and Gene hanging out here.

Retro diner signage <------ hahahaha!! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS dance on a table...it's good for the soul

Retro diner sign -ageheheh- if they'd had these signs posted in my - dagnab;n jim. I had spotters.- recollecting- from Starlite Days'-!

Diner Chairs Diner Booths Bel Air 50s American Diner Booths Retro Kitchen from Wotever.co.uk

All our retro diner bar stools are heavy duty quality for domestic or commercial use.

In a 1950s kitchen, it wasn’t uncommon to “diner-ize” the kitchen area. Here, informal meals can be had at a luncheonette style counter.

1950s Decorating Style

KITCHEN DINER: 'In a kitchen, it wasn’t uncommon to “diner-ize” the kitchen area. Here, informal meals can be had at a luncheonette style counter.

Retro American Diner Theme Choose From Vinyl Record Costers Placemats Dispenser | eBay

Retro American Diner Theme Clock Hotdag Trays Choose

Classic Diner Decor | modern+retro+diner+kitchen-modern+retro+diner+kitchen.jpg

Love the colors! A RETRO kitchen is a must for me! I love to cook, mostly baking.:) and being in a Mod inspired kitchen makes me feel like Julia Childs! Robins Egg blue with Cherry Red accents are the colors for my kitchen even now! dream-home

Dad’s Diner – Fabulous 50s Father’s Day Celebration

Dad's Diner - Fabulous 50s Father's Day Celebration

A complete 1950s diner in the basement!

The Divine Diner - Demon Mode This is the general appearance of the diner when Louie begins to get a bit uh.

Retro Wall Clock in Green  I just bought a white one with red accents like this at Big Lots for $10 and spray painted the outside of it red.

Green Fifties-Style Kitchen Wall Clock

This Jadeite Green Replica Kitchen Wall Clock is a fun twist on the classic school clock, thanks to its vintage toned coloration and cool, retro-modern contoured design. With a quality metal housing and glass lens