The colors purple and red were a baseline for hippie fashion for men

1970's Hairstyles for Men

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The Leisure Suit was an often gaudy fashion ensemble worn by men in the The leisure suit consisted of a shirt like suit coat with matching pants. It was usually accompanied by a mostly unbuttoned shirt with a huge collar.

Polyester Leisure Suits from the J.C. Penney Catalog, 1970's

1976 JC Penny Catalog "Highly decorated leisure jacket with color-coordinated slacks and shirt,

mens clothes 1970 | Men’s Fashion Pictures, 1970-1974. They just never get any better. Horrible. I am surprise we didn't lock all the men up...

This is a glimpse of the awesome fashion in the The style was totally groovy and hip to see all around. The definetly left a mark on fashion all around.

I guess you'd have to have been there... boys to men 70's fashion (students)  Shoulda seen my "Lucky Shirt"!!

I guess you'd have to have been there. boys to men fashion (students) Shoulda seen my "Lucky Shirt"!

Catalogue/ Brochure Plate Mens  Fashion 1970s 1970s

) During the mens suit jackets featured wide lapels, wide collars, and wide ties. The pants were usually pretty tight fitting down to the knee where their flared bottom began. This picture also shows a great example of the popular leisure suit.

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"Yes, Andy and I are going to the party dressed as boxes of crayons, why do You ask?