22 in roman numerals

Shoulder tattoo,Wedding date in Roman numerals 15.8.2015 nearly a year ago already

Shoulder tattoo, Special date in Roman numerals- i would want the year my mom/dad/mommom/poppop died

Wedding dates tattooed. When we get home from our honeymoon! I like the Roman…

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Roman Numeral Under-Boob Tattoo by Lindsay Williams

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Roman numerals tattoo - side/ribs.. Thinking I want mine here!

Roman Numeral. (Tattoologist)

roman numerals tables. Best one I've seen so far.-BirdY

Roman Numeral is a number system that was used in ancient Rome: roman numerals tables, Roman numerals numbers.


Roman Numeral Tattoos for Men


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What a cool idea to make the special dates stay on you forever. Convert the dates or meaningful numbers into Roman numerals then decide on the font and the

Fall 7 times stand up 8, this is my all time favorite quote I would just it somewhere else

Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight symbol tattoo accomplished on my left side under my bra line

Roman numeral wrist tattoo

The kids birthdays in roman numerals would be cool! Binary code would be neat too!