Sensory tubs for 3 year olds, great sensory play for preschool from

10 Sensory Tubs For 3 year olds

10 Sensory Tubs For 3 year olds. Have you ever used a sensory bin or texture table in your classroom? These are the best sensory tubs made with easy to find fillers.

Ideas for a simple preschool journal for 3 year olds

Ideas for a Simple Preschool Journal for 3 Year Olds

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‎Life Lessons‬ Advice from an 80-Year-Old Man Everyone Should Read This Time of the Year

40+ of the BEST Math and Literacy Activities for Preschoolers 3 & 4 Year Olds

The BEST Math and Literacy Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Here is a huge collection of our favorite math and literacy learning activities for preschoolers and 4 year olds). So many ideas for hands-on learning and play! Literacy Activities Go on a Detective Alphabet Hunt – Hunt for letters with a magnifying g

Great Board Games for 3 Year Olds - Preschool Board Games

10 Great Board Games for 3 Year Olds

$ This is a fun no-prep dauber literacy printable activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners that practices alphabet lowercase and uppercase letters. It can also be used for prek 3 year olds to help them become familiar with letters. The child needs to find a specific letter and dab it. If they have found all of the letters correctly the letter being learned will be revealed upon completion which gives you a quick assessment that they did the activity correctly. These literacy worksheets…

Letter recognition with daubers (Find the hidden uppercase letter)

Use PVC pipe to make a sand and water table for kids! My 2, 4, and 6 year olds have been loving this sensory play table.  I am loving the fact that you can change out the tubs and do either water or sand (or something else!) but not have both out at the same...Read More »

How to Make a PVC Pipe Sand and Water Table

All the best art projects and activities for preschoolers to kindergarteners. Tons of fun ideas that kids love!

50 + Art Projects for 3-5 Year Olds

Preschool Art with Tea Bags - Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Preschool Art with Tea Bags

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Potty Training Stubborn and Unmotivated Kids. I really, really hope this gets River potty trained.

Preschool Shape Hunt - A super simple shape activity for preschoolers that requires only a minute to set up

Preschool Shape Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun! Draw out some shapes and start naming what shapes the kids should find around the room