30 august star sign

August Fortune: Poppy, Sardonyx. Naturally strong, self-confident, active, aspiring, ambitious, energetic, an independent thinker. Great executive ability, at all times calm, understanding yourself thoroughly, able to carry through any undertaking, everything being done in an orderly systematic manner; subject to extremes in temper & very emotional; generous, large hearted of noble mind, have elevated & superior thoughts. Art & music are your favorite studies & you are of a very observing…

August Fortune Your Fortune if you were born in August Flower Poppy Birthstone Sardonyx If you were born during August you are naturally strong self-confident, active, aspiring, ambitious, energetic and an independent thinker.

Pinterest: @Kai'ahni

Pinterest: @Kai'ahni

I don't open up easily to everyone.  I am very friendly but only a few get to know me on certain levels,  like coming to my home. Very few people get that opportunity.

I'm very slow to welcome people into my life. My circle of true friends is small but I value my friendships. I believe that people are meant to be in your life for a season and your intimacy should naturally ebb and flow.

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I'm friends with a Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, and a gemini and we are totally all those things. Leo here.

Leo: Confident & creative

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