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Kwanzaa; Our Culture & Why We Celebrate it Every Year |

Kwanzaa; Our Culture & Why We Celebrate It Every Year

The seven principles of Kwanzaa, or Nguzo Saba (originally Nguzu Saba) are the seven principles of African Heritage celebrated each day.

Seven Principles Kwanzaa | The Nguzo Saba (Seven Principles) of the Seven Days of Kwanzaa, image ...

Habari Gani? Kwanzaa begins

Kwanzaa Symbols: Seven Candles/ Mishuuma Saba, Flag/Bendera, and 7 Principle Poster/Nguzo Saba Poster

The Nguzo Saba of the seven days of Kwanzaa:  Day 1. Umoja means: unity. Day 2. Kujichagulia means: self-determination. Day 3. Ujima means: working together. Day 4. Ujamaa means: supporting each other. Day 5. Nia means: purpose. Day 6. Kuumba means: creativity. Day 7. Imani means: faith, especially faith in ourselves.  — These are the 7 principles of Kwanzaa★★★★★★★

7 Principles if you don't know you can't grow. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define and name ourselves as well as to create and speak for ourselves.


Happy Kwanzaa everyone! Kwanzaa is a cultural, communal and communitarian celebration formed and founded by Dr. Maulana Karenga based on seven principles which could catalytically bring liberation.

#2 of the 7 Principles - Kwanzaa

You would think for all the money people spend on diamonds, they would have free running water in everywhere in Africa.

kwanzaa principles- kujichagulia

Kujichagulia, Swahili for “self-determination,” is the principle celebrated on the second day of Kwanzaa. Self Determination means to define ourselves, name ourselves and create for ourselves and speak for ourselves. The middle red candle

Kwanzaa Day 2 Principle: Kujichagulia

Today , the second day of Kwanzaa is Kujichagulia (Self-determination) Day.

Happy Kwanzaa

Habari Gani - Happy Kwanzaa from Red Lodge, Montana