All Students Can Shine: ABCs and a Freebie!

All Students Can Shine: ABCs and a Freebie! There is a ABC's and pack on TPT by this teacher and I hope it will help my first grade kiddos who need a refresher and those who need a little help.

Small Group Alphabet Instruction (AKA - The Longest Post EVER)

ABC linking chart freebie and she has a lot of great ideas for small group alphabet instruction and activities!

FREE alphabet sound chart. Great for a writing station or students' writing folders.

FREE Alphabet Chart for Students

Help your students write with invented spelling with this helpful alphabet chart as a reference. The chart displays each letter of the alphabet in a traditional manuscript font with a brightly colored corresponding picture beginning with that letter.

A free printable alphabet chart + tips for teaching Kindergarten writers at the beginning of the school year!

Kindergarten Writing Tips for the Beginning of the Year

Ah, Kindergarten. I taught K for a few years, and sometimes I really miss it! What I don& miss, however, is the beginning of the year. At the school where I most