Beautiful Examples of Abstract Expressionism Art Works (39)

40 Beautiful Examples of Abstract Expressionism Art Works

Jackson Pollock. This is an effective piece of art as the layers of paint with the bold colours give off an interesting and textured look.

After his move to Springs, he began painting with his canvases laid out on the studio floor, and he developed what was later called his "drip" technique. One: Number 31 - Art by Jackson Pollock.

Palisade, Willem de Kooning

Willem de Kooning/ Abstract Expressionism/ Dynamic and strongly textured, extreme application, non-objective/ This paint uses rough strokes and contract color. It has no recognizable images.

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Henry Asencio, 1972 ~ Abstract Expressionists painter

Franz Kline                                                                                                                                                                                 More

nobrashfestivity: Franz Kline- I like how you can faintly see a city but all the shapes and colors are really melded together. It also seems like the original subject was flipped and curved which is visually pleasing

Spanish born, Berlin based artist Yago Hortal drips, smears, and splashes layers of acrylic paint onto canvas to create these abstract expressionistic works of art.

Yago Hortal’s Abstract Expressionism

Love the latest painting series of Yago Hortal , a catalan painter based in Berlin. Hortal was born in Barcelona, 1983 and st.

Helen Frakenthaler,Sea Picture with Black (1959)oil on canvas 84.5 x 57 in.

lawrenceleemagnuson: “Helen Frakenthaler (USA Sea Picture with Black oil on canvas x 57 in. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, USA ”

Hans Hofmann, Untitled

Michael Borghi Fine Art specializes in post war American art from the twentieth century and more.

Daily Painters Abstract Gallery: Contemporary Abstract Expressionism Art Painting "Shazam" by Abstract Artist Lela Kay

Shazam by Lela Kay. Original abstract oil painting on stretched canvas. Multiple layers of paint and glazes add depth and texture to the surface. High gloss finish protects the painting.