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Tutorial on how to make an oxidizing solution to age your new wood and give it a barn wood type finish

Avocado toast , Acai bowls and Cortados from Two Hands NYC

Two Hands Cafe — this is the place i was telling you about

The 4 Best Places to Get an Acai Bowl in NYC

The 4 Best Places to Get an Açai Bowl in NYC

So many great ways to get chia seeds in everyday by drinking them in these yummy waters and smoothies.

40 Delicious Ways to Eat Chia Seeds

ok so anyone live in New York or jersey? I need to know the weather and I don't trust the app

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Click here to see more healthy power bowl recipes from Kelly! My friend & I shared this acai bowl in NYC last Fall and I've been hooked ever since. Full of fruit and antioxidants, but also not ...

Acai Breakfast Bowl

According to research, regular green tea consumption may protect the brain from Alzheimer’s as well as other kinds of dementia.    The research also indicates that this ancient Chinese beverage can play an important role in cancer

A Cup of Tea Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: IT’S ALL ABOUT TEA How was tea discovered and when did this happen? What kinds of tea are available and where are they produced? Where most tea is drunk? Types of Teas, production and consumption including some health benefits of tea.

The Most Instagram Worthy Spots in New York City

The Most Instagram Worthy Spots in New York City

Chanel FW2016 Women's Fashion RTW | Purely Inspiration

Chanel Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show