Adam Gontier

Adam Gontier I will always miss him in Three Days Grace, but him and Matt are doing good for themselves and others

Adam Gontier will forever be loved by his fans, those who do not agree with His leaving for his own health cannot call themselves 'fans'

Adam Gontier in the making of one of my favorite songs :D

Adam Gontier - Three Days Grace

Matt is a good singer and all, but Three Days Grace has been my life for such a long time, and they'll never be the same since Adam left. Crush since grade lol

Adam Gontier - Ex-vocal from Three Days Grace

Adam Gontier - Ex-vocal from Three Days Grace Why did he leave the band ?

i really like Adam Gontier's tattoo of "never too late"

Adam Gontier's tattoo with lyrics to Never Too Late. You can also see a bit of the butterfly on his wrist peeking out behind the glove. Yes, he has a tattoo of a butterfly on his wrist. No, it is not girly or