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Adventure Time Quotes • Jake

Adventure Time Quotes is a website dedicated to listing some of the memorable quotes of the series Adventure Time.

Marshall Lee on Crack - Adventure Time cosplay skit - YouTube

Marshall Lee on Crack - Adventure Time cosplay skit - YouTube

Adventure Time Wedding Theme Desserts Fantastical Weddings Desserts fantasticalweddings.com Adventure Time Royal Tarts | Nerdy Nummies Create your own Geek Wedding!

Adventure Time Royal Tarts

Today I made Adventure Time Strawberry Royal Tarts with my special guest Lindsey Stirling! I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them.

How to Draw Yourself: Adventure Time style - YouTube

Learn how to draw yourself in the style of Adventure Time! Become an Adventure Time character or make your own Adventure Time style comics.

kurtsnyder:  MAKIN’ BACON PANCAKES! By Kurt Snyder [website | tumblr]  Fortune saw fit to let me experience this while simultaneously listening to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM_rIaUm7ac

" - Put Jailhouse rock by Elvis Presly and it looks like Jack is dancing to the rythem of the song before flipping the bacon pancakes

Adventure time princesses

The "Adventure Time" Princesses

My mom pointed out the coolest thing about Adventure Time in regards to Leni watching it: It teaches her that every girl can be a princess, no matter how she looks or how much she has. I love that message :)MISSING FLAME PRINCESSS