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Inline skating is pretty sweet, but doing tricks like this in a skate park would be epic

can you believe that microsoft has still not made a game for agggressive skating?

Xbox needs to do a game like aggressive inline for ps

Gawds Franky Morales Pro Skates #gawds #frankymorales #locoskates

Gawds Franky Morales Pro Skates #gawds #frankymorales #locoskates

Remz HR 1.2 Aggressive Skates White by Remz. $288.51. The Remz HR 1.2 Aggressive Skates provides balance and comfort so you can grind in the park all day with suffering from the frustrations of the past. One of the truly updated and best features of these aggressive skates is their balance over the frame thanks to the new generation 'True Balance' Boot which allows you to adjust the location of the frame. This reduces and can downright eliminate the outwards bendi...

Jam Roller Skates - Remz HR 12 Aggressive Skates White SIZE 8 ** Details can be found by clicking on the image.

K2 Varsity Aggressive Skates

Varsity Aggressive Skates

Show your friends who the boss is with the Varsity skates by line. These inline skates are both durable and powerful.

Razors Cult Street Red Aggressive Skates by Aggressivemall. $108.51. Razor frames / RZR 56mm 90a outer wheels / GC 42mm nylon anti rockers. Sold as a pair ready to roll out of the box!. Razors "This is Rolling Aggressive Skate DVD for new skaters. Razor Cult Street Liners. Razors perfects their popular Cult skate design to give beginning and intermediate level rollerbladers an aggressive skate that they can take to the street and local skate park to improve their skills at an a...

I have these razor cult streets and they are one of the best skates i have ever bought. You will be very pleased with this product.