Couldn't ever stop the greasies.  Until one day in my preteens I realized half a bottle of conditioner at one time miiiight not be the proper application procedere.

The brought a whole new generation of hair products. New formula shampoo's were all the rage & these three were some of the most memorable. 'Agree' was a popular hair care brand in the when the shampoo and conditioner vowed to help .

Te acordás del olor?

I miss Agree Shampoo & Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific and Farrah Fawcett shampoo's and cond.what i wouldnt do for a bottle of any of those.

Body on Tap shampoo. Made me think I was being scandalous because it had beer…

"Body On Tap Beer Shampoo. Supposedly of it was beer but my hair didn't stink." Only in the could they come up with beer-enriched shampoo.

Agree shampoo....Still furious they discontinued this shampoo and conditioner!!!!   Best smellin hair products EVER!!!!

Agree Shampoo & Creme Rinse/Conditioner Loved this stuff! And made your hair smell so good!

Agree Shampoo!! It smelled so good!   (from an ebay listing)

Agree shampoo and conditioner. Loved how it made my hair smell :-)

From the Vintage Vault: Agree Shampoo

The Vintage Vault is now open, and today we're reminiscing about old school Agree Shampoo!

Scott Baio Chachi Happy Days Agree Shampoo 1978 Ad 11x8 Mag Poster ...


The good ol' days before he started sharing his political opinions with us.

Agree Shampoo 1979 I loved this shampoo I wish they bring it back!

Agree Shampoo 1979 - Avoid the greasies.

1987 Night Ranger Agree Shampoo Edge Gel Print Ad Vintage Advertisement VTG 80s  | eBay

1987 Night Ranger Agree Shampoo Edge Gel Print Ad Vintage Advertisement VTG 80s

An ad for Agree shampoo. I remember this, it was for a school benefit. The girl who won got a concert at her school.

Woohoo for no 'poo!

Blondes AND Brunettes Agree: These All Natural DIY Dry Shampoos Rule!

Woohoo for no 'poo!