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PANEL # 6 Diamond scepter Vajra,  Pure of stain or ill, Now has found its heart home As the engine of creative will. Empowered to penetrate others,  With primordial waves of bliss, Shimmering resonant love webs Spread out to boundlessness.

Nature of Mind - Alex Grey panel 6 "Diamond scepter Vajra, Pure of stain or ill…

Obama portrait by Alex Grey

solid as a rock / solid as barack obama // dream is what we should

Alex Grey (@alexgreyxxx) | Twitter

Alex Grey (@alexgreyxxx) | Twitter

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Alex Grey

Alex Grey on

“On June Allyson & I entered the Universal Mind Lattice while on LSD. We consider it our spiritual foundation.

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Alex Grey is an American artist who specializes in making psychedelic art that will make your head spin. The amazingly vibrant colors and extreme detail are both beautifully recreated in all of the tattoos in this gallery