10 Minimalist Horror Movie Posters

jedavu: “Iconic Props From Popular Horror Movies Celebrated In Dark, Minimalist Posters With Halloween just around the corner, we think this set of minimalistic posters make for great last minute.

Las 10 mejores películas de terror de la historia

"Poltergeist" > 1982 > Directed by: Tobe Hooper > Horror / Haunted House Film /Supernatural Horror *poster still creeps me years later*

Infographic: Scream Queens - All Your Favorite Horror Film Survivors

Best Film Posters : – Picture : – Description on cover weight stock letter press style print. A letterpress style tribute to The Grady Twins from The Shining starring Jack -Read More –

Database of the top horror movies of all time. Choose your film, set to watch it online, get blanket, friends or special someone, grub and big drink and you are ready for that haunted house movie.

Insidious (2010)

Noche del demonio - Insidious - one super scary movie. I prefer horror movies like this one that doesn't resort to all kinds of gore. It just relies on good storytelling.

Stephen King's "It" is a horror movie, and the graphic designer behind this poster definitely showed that through the dreary colors used. The red balloon stands out immensely, meaning it must be an important element of the film.

Stephen King's IT 2017. With all this hype, this movie better be exceptional.

Poster for the newest adaption of Stephen King's It, coming in Stephen King's It - Poster # 1