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A render of one of my fav videogame characters of all time: Alma Wade I already had this up on my old account so it's obviously nothing new.

F.E.A.R. 2 - Alma Wade by Mageflower on DeviantArt

updated June 7 This took me a long time, but I think it turned out alright.

"Las personas tienen miedo de los cambios. Yo tengo miedo que las cosas nunca cambien." #ChicoBuarque #Citas #Frases @Candidman

Some people are afraid of change.I'm afraid that some things will never change! Change is good.don't be afraid of it!

Alma El Post Que Se Merece (F.E.A.R+DeviantArt)

Alma El Post Que Se Merece (F.E.A.R+DeviantArt)



More like "Cipher-ire " << when gravity falls and the earth becomes sky, fear the beast with just one eye!!1

More like "Cipher-ire "

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