37 Awesome Aluminum Can Crafts to Make

Video: Turning soda cans into liquid metal looks so fun

15 Creative Soda Can Crafts

Miniature cars from aluminum cans. After drinking soda from aluminum cans, you can recycle your soda cans to create interesting projects instead of tossing the empty cans into the garbage or recycling bin.

Make Fabric Covered Alumnimum Can Organizers

Could be good for storage! Cover Aluminum Cans covered in fabric using Fabric Mod Podge perfect Organizer . by Uncommon Designs

10 Amazing Ways You Can Reuse Aluminum Cans

How to Make a Beer Can Airplane

These are great models and look beautiful, they cost a fraction of what a real model airplane would cost you at the local hobby shop. If you want a great gift that you can make with your bare hands while tossing back a few beers and justifying the.

Aug 2 Using Aluminum Cans to Make Jewelry

Free Tutorial Using Aluminum Cans to Make Jewelry - jewellry or jewelry, jewelry for women, handmade beaded jewelry *ad