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During the American Revolution the patriots were mad at all the unfair taxes Britain was putting on them and they protested with the famous words "Taxation without representation" and that played a major roe in the declaration of independence.

Learn about the American Revolution with this fun activity for kids! Role playing with the American Revolution. FREEBIES INCLUDED! Young Teacher Love Blog

Role Playing with the American Revolution (FREEBIES INCLUDED)! A super fun, hands-on activity for students to understand taxation without representation! - Young Teacher Love by Kristine Nannini

Free Causes of the American Revolution Foldable; Interactive Notebook

I use this in conjunction with an article on the Causes of the American Revolution that I offer in my TPT store. Depending on the age, students can come up with the details or you can print for them and have them put in their notebook for reference.

Declaration of Independence- this video uses One Republic's Too Late to Apologize to teach the Declaration of Independence. LOVE IT!

American Revolution - "Too Late to Apologize--A Declaration." If I'd known this video existed, I wouldn't have spent an hour this afternoon trying to explain the Declaration of Independence! I'm pretty sure that's Mr. Jefferson on the violin, too.