Hittin the gym by na-n1

My headcanon is that Boom!Amy works out about a few times a week And runs into Shadow there every so often lmao he never engages, it's often Amy who doe. Hittin the gym

Logic: Nice Amy picture, MUST SAVE IT!!!!

Logic: Nice Amy picture, MUST SAVE IT!!!!

I forgot how much I missed this fandom (kind of).

What do you think of Amy Rose portraying Nimue, Lady of the Lake, in Sonic and the Black Knight? (In her actions, attitude, etc.

Amy hairstyle by Hanybe

Amy hairstyle by Hand be sonic the hedgehog

Sonic Boom Amy.Rose

amy rose^^ and drew her in one of my favorite styles: Adventure Time Steven Universe Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Animal Crossing SB: Amy

Amyyyy by Myly14 on DeviantArt

Commission for ^^ The outfit is really cute >< Thanks a lot for commissioning me ; I hoope you like how it came out : D Amyyyy