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Inspector calls gcse essay questions The resources will support text comprehension, exam practice and revision. Mr Birling, on the hand represents a working class individual that has worked ex

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A revision video for An Inspector Calls to help students structure an answer in the English Literature GCSE exam.

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Secondary English text guide. Complete guide to An Inspector Calls: summary, analysis, character profiles and activities.

An Inspector Calls (Classic Radio Theatre) by J. Priestley, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Eric Birling is Mr. Birling's son who's in his He is involved in Eva's death because he got her pregnant, tried to support her for a while by giving her stolen money, then abandoned her, leaving her alone, again.

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‘An Inspector Calls’ Key Themes - responsibility - social class - gender inequality - generation differences Dramatic Effect - tension - lighting - stage directions - dramatic irony - the mystery of.

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