Crime is created in a cauldron of poverty, fed by hunger. We can end world hunger, or we can create bombs. Vote the war mogering republicans OUT!

The fix / pay politicians as though they were on the military & require them to have SERVED - hear that donnie?

"Fuck your nationalism. We are all earthlings."

Fuck your nationalism, (and your aversion to “foul language”.) We are all earthlings.

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End of game theory. A disillusioned consumer is an irreversible loss. They generally share their experience with their friends !


Freedom Phoenix added 49 new photos to the album: Anarchy, the way, the future. — with Travis Jackson and 2 others.

The definition I understand to stand for.

radicallane: “ “Anarchism: the revolutionary idea that no one is more qualified than you are to decide what your life will be.” Yet again I say that I think anarchy and unschooling are incredibly.

Fight on for justice!!

Apartheid was legal. The Holocaust was legal. Slavery was legal. Colonialism was legal. Legality is a matter of power, not justice.

928 papier a imrpimir franch, paper imprimible English, papel de impresión carta da stampa Liberate your mind. Anarchism

Indoctrinate your mind - Anarchism, when beeing delusional is just not enough

The Absurd Contradictions of Capitalism(Xpost from Anarchism)

The Absurd Contradictions of Capitalism How obscene is 22 empty homes for every American homeless person? In Ireland if you exclude holiday homes approx houses lie vacant. It is estimated …

Transforme-se com a arte de Monica Rocha:

As Mulheres no Heavy Metal – Parte 2 (Década de 1970, 1980 e 1990)

American Anarchism (Studies In Critical Social Sciences) PDF

American Anarchism (Studies In Critical Social Sciences) PDF

Love this vintage poster. "So long as women are not free, the people are not free."

Two statements regarding anarcho-feminism from 1971 by Chicago anarcho-feminists and the Black Rose Anarcho-Feminists respectively.