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The very philosophies that Democrats champion, and hold so dear, have been the ruin of this world. But take heart. There is still time. Wake-up. And READ the works of Ayn Rand.

Choosing Socialism or Communism. merely the difference between murder and suicide. the end result is the same.

Wake up! #Corporatism vs. #Capitalism - Centralization is a pariah! Break up the monopolies! Support your local small businesses!

Corporations developed in every economic system we've thought up. Maybe we need go take a close look at ourselves.

Know Your Enemy: So-called “Austrian economics” (the chief enemy of the common good today) goes beyond standard-issue free market thinking ... Most notably, it seeks to build a strong ethical case for strict libertarianism without admitting that this would lead to any practical problems whatsoever ...rejecting the legitimacy of any intervention to protect the poor or regulate anything (a position much more extreme than even Hayek's Road to Serfdom).

Libertarian Reads - I also plan to read The works of John Locke and The Federalist Papers.

Anarcho Capitalism Art Print by arslibertatem - $17.00

Anarcho Capitalism Art Print

Anarcho Capitalism Art Print by Arslibertatem