Ancient Egypt: History & Mythology

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Teaching Resources for Ancient Egypt, this could be a craft project connected to a map game of Ancients. The kids could cut out or draw their hieroglyphic names.

Get Tangled in These Mythical God Family Trees

Egyptian God Family Tree - Egyptian deities, in various forms and varying degrees of popularity, reigned in Egypt for over years. ("Impregnated via tainted lettuce".

The Grand Ruler: Life-Size Anubis Sculpture.Anubis is jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion.

Ancient Egypt: History & Mythology

Here is an introduction to Hieroglyphics Pharaoh names: Khufu, Tutankhamun, Ramesses, and Cleopatra in Egyptian hieroglyphic cartouche.

A strange alien pharaoh ~ This statue of the pre-dynastic period may be the first known depiction of a pharaoh. At the time of Nagada (the name of a discovery at the site of Upper Egypt), around 4000 BC? This statue was found in Gebelein, south of Luxor.

Asherah, Part III: The Lion Lady

Sekhmet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The warrior goddess Sekhmet, shown with her sun disk and cobra crown from a relief at the Temple of Kom Ombo.

The uraeus was an upright Egyptian cobra worn on headbands and headdresses by queens and kings to symbolize power, deity, and royalty. It is also said to have been used to protect pharaohs against their enemies.