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"and this is Ralph, your anesthesiologist." - Medical Humor, Because Laughter Is (usually) The Best Medicine – 20 Pics

NEVER have friends visit while you're still under anesthesia (guy friends OBVIOUSLY!!!)

Friend Recovering from Surgery. - Epic Prank: Never have friends visit right after surgery. Besides being totally goofy under anesthes

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Dentist: Do you prefer a local anesthetic? Patient: I prefer an imported one.

"Are we ready to walk back with the next patient?"  "I thought I saw her big toe move!"

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Don't deny, you do it too!!!

Some days I'm incredibly grateful my job requires me to wear a mask. *things that dentists don't discuss with you!

Just+a+spoonful+of+benzodiazepines+makes+the+bullshit+go+down,+bullshit+go+down,+the+bullshit+go+dowwwn;+in+the+most+delightful+way! **** NOT VERY FUNNY IF YOU HAVE PTSD AND NEED SOMETHING NOW AND THEN TO STOP THE PANIC ATTACKS. THAT WAS WRITTEN BY AN IGNORANT PERSON****

Free, News Ecard: Just a spoonful of benzodiazepines makes the bullshit go down, bullshit go down, the bullshit go dowwwn; in the most delightful way!


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