Angel bites

Angel bites

I love piercings and normally I'm not a fan of Angel Bites but these look really good on her :-)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ five stars (open captive septum, angel bites)

I want the septum and angel bites,I thought bout only the Monroe,but my mind is made up XD think I would look good with em

Cream cheese and sugar mints aka angel bites. These are so easy to make and are delicious...with college colors

Creamy Mints (aka Angel Bites) = cream cheese and sugar. These are so easy to make and are delicious.

Love her angel bites + septum

and her hair.ANGELBITES so bad i want angel bites or snake bites but not both i think imma get angel bites when im 18 yay. OMFG she so pretty.