How to Draw Anime Hair

How to Draw Anime Hair for Anime Boy Hairstyles by Must remember this! Boy's hair is difficult for me to draw.

Anime boy, black hair, blue eyes, hoodie; Anime Guys

“Hey, I'm Fate Azure." He smiled and nodded at you." You two talked for a bit about clothes. He was a male model, after all!" You smiled (or frowned, if you choose gothic) at him, and turned away.

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Self-indulgent doodle; Tobio-chan in winter clothes (probably waiting for his carrothead date to arrive). Being at home has triggered too many panic attacks.

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Various Male Anime/Manga-Hairstyles (fullview please!) After drawing 50 Female Anime/Manga-Hairstyles in June of this year I've told several people who . Various Male Anime+Manga Hairstyles

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Sexy anime boy who has pale skin, midnight black hair, a gold yellow left eye, a water blue right eye, and is blushing.