Anime girl, brown hair, hazel eyes, blue sweater. Kawaii

Addilyn is from Minnesota. She can control snow and ice. She has a boyfriend named Jason. She is very loving but she has depression. Her boyfriend tries to help her the best he can.

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Does anyone know if he is in an anime or is this just a fanart????

Jack Age: 15 Jack lives in the 'high tech' part of the Fallen World. He is the leader of the main attack force. Jack tends to be bossy and stubborn at times but is also really protective of his teammates

Tollstes Outfit ever?!

Glad I didn't forget how to fullbody xD Hope you like it hun and sorry I couldn't come with a better idea ; Art © MaiRingo Rania © Kotrosia AT with Kotrosia


Fem kenma "I liked his outfit so much~♥♥" // I love how the fandom just agrees that Fem! Kenma is like gorgeous

A Naruto OC                                                                                                                                                     Mais

Uchiha Asuna Itachi's wife Mother to his sons Bears magic along with chacra Mage mode Silver hair and scarlet eyes More covering cloth Naruto oc