Triple forward helix. - definitely my next piercing!

26 Unique Ear Piercing Ideas

Tendance : les piercings aux oreilles se portent en constellation

Tendance : on veut une constellation de piercings à nos oreilles !

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Simple and Cute Ear Piercings to Try this Summer @ MyBodiArt

28 Inspirational Snug Piercing Jewelry Examples

28 Inspirational Snug Piercing Jewelry Examples

Find Snug Piercing information about healing, costs, jewellery, pain and after-care together with 32 beautifully inspirational snug piercing examples.

Back in Stock - Baby Blue Opal Ear Piercing Studs at MyBodiArt for Forward Helix Piercings, Tragus Piercings, Cartilage Piercings

Dazzle Opal Ear Piercing in Baby Blue

Product Information - Product Type: Straight Barbell in Surgical Stainless Steel - Externally Threaded Steel Ball Top - Gauge Size: 16 Gauge - Wearable Barbell Length: - Opal Stone Di

im getting this before the summer ends:)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

50 unique and beautiful ear piercing ideas, from minimalist studs to extravagant jewels

triple forward helix I just love how this looks! I've always been fascinated with ear piercings! Considering in trying to get the triple forward helix next!

Normaly I don't really like industrial piercings, but for some reason I love it in this picture!

50 Beautiful Ear Piercings

Single, double and triple forward helix piercing information guide on pain, price, healing and aftercare with examples of Forward Helix Piercing jewellery.

The Snug | 28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer

28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer

Triple Helix Piercing | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Think I'll be getting this done this week :-) Been wanting to get my triple Helix Forward piercings a for a while now!

All About Pinna Piercings - The Trendiest Ear Piercing Nowadays

Anti-helix Piercing media gallery on Coolspotters. See photos, videos, and links of Anti-helix Piercing.

The Double Helix + Triple Forward Helix + Double Lobe Piercing | 28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer

The Double Helix + Triple Forward Helix + Double Lobe Piercing: Would you try these piercings? I want double helix for sure, indecisive about the triple forward helix but it's so cute!

snug and tragus piercing left ear

What I have already: Forward helix (top right) What I hope to have: Both my Tragus (Bottom right) and Snug (Left)

earrings on outer ear

Thinking about getting your ears pierced? Don't book your appointment without checking out these 12 Different (Super Trendy) Ear Piercing Types!