Old Antique Wood Air King Vintage Tube Radio - Restored & Working Deco Table Top

Old Antique Wood Air King Vintage Tube Radio - Restored & Working Deco Table Top

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Antique Radio at War of the Worlds Celebration by slgckgc, via Flickr

Mint condition 1938 Zenith This is a gorgeous 1938 Zenith Last of the art deco designs by Zenith

Antique radios.....we have a whole bookshelf full of antique radios in our attic.  Somewhat similar, different styles.

We all sat around this when I was little listening to the news of the war,and many good radio shows.It was real family time back then,because there was only one radio in the whole house and it was in the living room by my Grandpa's chair

Art Deco radio, the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

Art Deco Zenith Stratosphere This is the rarest and most valuable radio on the planet. Only 350 were ever produced and less than 50 are known to have survived.

-Michael O'Brien's museum and gallery is dedicated to vintage radios from yesteryear. Located in Port Orchard, Washington. Specializes in cabinet and radio restoration.

This 1936 Zenith Radio with incredible art deco design that fits the is simple amazing. It does have the family-gather-round feel, but it does announce its presence and establish a context and that's a lot for a radio to do.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/509116849/re-purposed-antique-radio-cabinet-shabby

Re-Purposed Antique Radio Cabinet, Display Cabinet, China Cabinet Hand Painted and Distressed in Layers of Gray