Surviving the Apocalypse: Prepare, Survive, Thrive! #Infographic

What to grow to survive an apocalypse [infographic]

What to grow to survive an apocalypse [infographic] - Tap The Link Now To Find Gadgets for Survival and Outdoor Camping

A World With No Humans: Artist Imagines A Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo

The illustrations of TokyoGenso (a. Tokyo Fantasy) depict a post-apocalyptic Tokyo devoid of people and overtaken by nature. // Yoyogi Station {the link says it is an illustration, but it's cool}

21 Medkit Gadgets You’ll DEARLY Miss When The SHTF And Docs Dissapear. *** Discover even more by going to the photo link

How To Make Survival Feminine Pads

Personalized Photo Charms Compatible with Pandora Bracelets. How to make cloth feminine pads, plus the pattern. These are great to have in your survival pack, or to make and send to third world countries to needy girls.

51 Reasons To Shower Your Wedding In Gold

Art feature: The World's Major Cities. Destroyed deviantart: “What would the world’s cities look like after the apocalypse? Belgian digital artist Jonas De Ro paints his vision of the end of the.

Personal: This pedal washer uses no electricity and less water. It is also a lot cheaper than a traditional washer.

This is what an apocalypse would look like but all over the world and this is a big reminder that we need to live in peace!