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The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo) - Rick Riordan

Read exclusive excerpt from new Rick Riordan

The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle is going to be released on May The link includes an excerpt from chapter which includes Percy Jackson, the bby.

pjo, HoO, tkc, magnuschase, ToA... I approve of this trials of Apollo including post!

I approve of this trials of Apollo including post!<need to read the trials of Apollo

Nico di Angelo – Rick Riordan | art by viria

Nico di Angelo ♆ Percy Jackson and the Olympians//The Heores of Olympus//The Trials of Apollo ~~amwricana

solangelo hidden oracle - Google-Suche

I read trials of Apollo today in class and I laughed so hard people stared at me


I am so glad that this was finally acknowledged