Apostrophe christmas presents

2015 Christmas Gift Guide

2015 Christmas Gift Guide

This was made as a father's day gift but I think it would work really well as a Christmas present to grandparents, aunt and uncles or Mrs. or Mr. Claus.

Sweet idea for Father's Day. Send paper home for handprints of other family members.assemble in class, then send home the finished product for a Father's Day gift =)

Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillusfsen | ~5-4-16~

Yes, Yes! Let's be thankful & enjoy the "NOW!" Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillusfsen

Valentine's Day idea gone wrong. At least get the right "you're" and don't stick an "e" in there later with the apostrophe. BLAH. These mistakes make people look foolish!

You're one in a "melon"! {with Sour Patch Watermelon} also for YW secret sister gifts