Unexpected last line but not disagreeing ha ha yes yes yes I looooooooooooooooooooooove an aquarius woman.She is unique,charming, intelligent,bravely honest and witty as hell, and a revolutionarycapisch

it's kinda true! I'm always either humming, whistling, singing or playing music ;)<< and I always have music playing while I do school or something (I'm homeschooled if you didn't know lol!

FAQ: What are Aquarius Birthstones? – Aquarius Birthstones are rock crystal and blue topaz. What are Aquarius birthstone colors?

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The zodiac signs tell you exactly who you are! So why would you assume that the zodiac, that celestial cosmic changes has no effect on you?

It's a form of self-restraint, actually. If we are deathly quiet. Please for the Love of all that is Holy, do not PESTER