Presidents Medals: Ark Umeda: Urban Metabolism In Osaka

Love the rendering look_conceptual presentation_Presidents Medals: Ark Umeda: Urban Metabolism In Osaka - Great two point perspective; love this type of spot rendering

Here by ben///giles, via Flickr

Ben Giles can make some seriously sick art out of some old school issues of National Geographic and a pair of scissors.The 22 year-old Londoner makes.

Architectural Collage

Inspiration = multiple images of different structures unified to present a complex yet dynamic scene.

<p>In this beautiful mixed-media collages project, Swedish based artist Anastasia Savinova try to identify the differences and similarities between places of habitation. Travelling around cities and countries, she take pictures of buildings, sneakily looking through windows, going to local shops, flea markets and bars to watch everyday life of each cities – all this helps […]</p>

Anastasia Savinova’s Architecture Collages

The Spirit of Cities Captured in Collage Silo / RU . Image Courtesy of Anastasia Savinova