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Ariel Atom - designed by Nik Smart and manufactured by Ariel Ltd in Somerset, England.

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Ariel Motor Company expands its lineup from the Atom track car and Ace motorcycle with the rugged new Nomad.

Ariel frames up new Nomad off-roader

A few weeks ago, Ariel Motor Company gave the public a sneak peek at their new vehicle, the Ariel Nomad, which basically looked like an Ariel Atom on steroids. And today, they’ve finally pulled back the covers and given us the full scoop on their …

Ariel Motor Company on Wanelo

Each Ariel is built by one technician who carries the assembly right through to road test and personal sign off.

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I like the simplistic nature of this logo which also allows for various colour choices.

Ariel Motor Company, the folks behind the frenetic and world renowned Atom, are ready to apply their magic touch to the dune buggy. The Ariel Nomad is an o

The Ariel Atom redefined lightweight motoring when it was launched more than a decade ago. Now, Ariel Motor Company is taking its minimalist approach to off-road vehicles with the Ariel Nomad open-ai.

Ariel Nomad

Ariel Nomad In January, Ariel introduced the Nomad, a buggy designed along the same principles as the Atom, at the Autosport International Show. The Nomad utlises a litre Honda engine producing

Ariel Atom.

400 bhp supercharged Ariel Atom Explore: highest position on December

Ariel Motor Company has announced the updated version of the Ariel Atom 3: the 2013 Atom 3.5.

Ariel Motor Company has announced the updated version of the Ariel Atom the 2013 Atom

More suspension of reality with another Ariel production - Nomad.

BBC - Autos - Ariel Nomad is a madcap buggy from Britain