Reinforced Ebony Armor - Броня и одежда - TES V: Skyrim - Каталог модов -

Reinforced Ebony Armor - - TES V: Skyrim - Каталог модов - Gamer-mods.

Very distintive armour, arthur needs to have a lot going on with his whole body, syarmour patterned cloak. a man who looks like he may also be part of a religious order

Nightingale Armor by ~WilliamFDrake on deviantART

Now I wouldn't want something this bulky or stiff, but imagine it made of a more flexible material (still could have hard parts -- armor, but not so clumpy).

Female Swashbuckler Knight - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy

Female Swashbuckler Knight - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D fantasy. Actually thats a Grey Warden from Dragon Age, look at the armor

Armor study / practice by on @deviantART. Female armour that's actually pretty realistic. I've always thought the breastplate should go down to her waist and protect her stomach as well, not leave it to the scale/chainmail only, although this alternative is way better than having a corset on, or nothing. This usage could be argued about regarding flexibility,too...

amiryth: “ Armor study / practice by chaosringen ” A good example of how female figure can be implied in armor design without resorting to boobplate!

Bad Day by on @DeviantArt

Bad Day by on @DeviantArt