Re-purposed changing table becomes art supplies storage.

Someone’s Trash Was My Treasure

Re-purposed changing table - art supplies storage .Now, if only I had bought a changing table.

A Palette Full of Blessings: Art Supplies and study. I love these boxes , they work so well for my pencils and pens!

Does your love for coloring leave you with books, pages and pens everywhere? Organise your art supplies with guide to coloring storage!

DIY art supply storage unit

DIY Colored Pencil Cabinet: Have you ever seen those massive sets of drawers big Faber-Castell sets come in? This is the DIY version, which can hold as many pencils (or pens, markers, or pastels) as you need!

Craft storage to include all hand work supplies, sewing, painting, etc.  Accessible to kids for art projects.

Gunna have my *Craft Room*, one day~ Craft storage to include all hand work supplies, sewing, painting, etc. Accessible to kids for art projects.

Craft supplies a mess?  Think outside the the box for craft supply organization.  Using a piece of furniture, I diy'd a craft supply storage dresser by

If you enjoy doing crafts, then you know that supplies multiply! I mean I have glues, paints, brushes, and paper all over the place. It often looks like a bomb

Arts supplies (your kids or yours) won't take over your whole house if you provide a compact vessel for them. This three-tiered kitchen cart (from IKEA) stops your collection from growing exponentially, and looks surprisingly cute even when stuffed with paints and papers. See more at I Just Might Explode »  -

Get Super-Organized by the End of the Month

How to Organize Art Supplies in a Small Space. I don't have art supplies but still a good idea for other stuff.

Whether you have an entire room, closet or just a small corner in your home dedicated for creating and craft supplies you are going to want to take a look at these fabulous Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas.

Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas

Sharing some Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas to get you motivated and inspired to get your day off on a great start.

Craft room organisation using ikea kallax - love the pen storage!

Jeanne S has beautifully organized her craft room with IKEA shelving and Stamp-n-Storage cabinets that are designed just for the Kallax. You should see her papers, ink pads, punches and markers!