Have a look at some examples of my latest embroidery, prints and artists books, come on in for a better look.

Annwyn Dean: Embroiderer, Book Artist and Printmaker based in Yorkshire. Welcome to my website detailing my art, books, exhibitions and life.

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Exploring and Creating Artists' Books: November 2007 - with tunnel book plan

Book Art + Collage project by Trish Leavitt

Book Art + Collage by Trish Leavitt, via Behance A great example to show kids unity and balance.

Veronique Lafont fabric artists book - "Recevez 1000 Baisers, Effleurez 1000…

Veronique Lafont fabric artists book - "Recevez 1000 Baisers, Effleurez Plus

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A beautifully done interactive magazine. This will be a cool OOH idea for a brand campaign. The interactive element definitely draws people attention and create actual interactions.

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L'art du papier #2 : 100 créations incroyables & originales à découvrir - édition 2015

This artist book was created by Thomas Wightman. This book is about butterflies. It was created by using a scalpel to cut out different shapes of butterflies. It looks like the butterflies are flying around and it looks

carnet de travail Élisabeth Couloigner

Another artists which I came across was Élisabeth Couloigner. She creates truly beautiful sketch books filled with intricate and stunning samples of her experiments with mark-making, Her use of mar…

So beautiful! | You are my kaleidoscope by Serene Ng.

"You Are my kaleidoscope" by Serene Ng - Embroidered handmade book design.