Avatar Princesses…I don't know which category to put it in!!! Disney or Avatar!!! Lol

Avatar Princesses…

This is fantastic, but if you remember the scene where Rapunzel hits herself in the head with a frying pan then you know why she would make the worst firebender ever.

Disney Avatar Princess Crossover

Any of you ever see the nick show avatar:the last airbender? Disney princesses turned into Benders. god i hate the last airbender movie ruined the show for me

Disney Princesses As "Avatar: The Last Airbender" & "The Legend of Korra" Characters

Disney Princesses As "Airbender" & "Legend of Korra" Characters

Team Fire Ferrets Kida as Avatar Korra. Li Shang as firebender Mako. Flynn Rider as earthbender Bolin. I hate the legend of Korra but I love this!

Toph Bei Fong _ Avatar princess by TophWei on deviantART

Toph Bei Fong _ Avatar princess by TophWei on DeviantArt